T2D Pathogenesis

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J. Ha, L. S. Satin and A. S. Sherman. 2016. Mathematical Model of the Pathogenesis, Prevention and Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes. Endocrinology, 157(2):624-635. [PubMed]

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  • fig3_ZDF.set (Figure 3: Successful compensation for insulin resistance)
  • fig3_ZDF_nogamma.set (Figure 3: Impaired compensation for insulin resistance when gamma is held fixed - no adjustment of KATP channels)
  • fig4_ZDF.set (Figure 4: Failure of compensation for insulin resistance)
  • fig6_ZDF_LFD.set (Figure 6: Maintained normoglycemia in female rats on low fat diet)
  • fig6_ZDF_HFD.set (Figure 6: Development of diabetes in female rats on high fat diet)
  • fig7_human_early.set (Figure 7: Reversal of diabetes in human subject by intervention in early stage of T2D)
  • fig7_human_late.set (Figure 7: Failure to reverse diabetes in human subject by intervention in late stage of the disease)
  • fig7_human_prevention.set (Figure 7: Prevention of diabetes in human subject by very early intervention that halts progression of insulin resistance)
  • fig8_human.set (Figure 8: Reversal of diabetes in human subject by bariatric surgery)

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