Combined Glycolytic Ionic Model

This is supplementary material for:

R. Bertram, L. Satin, M. Zhang, P. Smolen, and A. Sherman. 2004. Calcium and glycolysis mediate multiple bursting modes in pancreatic islets, Biophys. J., 87:3074-3087. [PubMed]

The model exhibits complex oscillations of calcium and membrane potential based on interactions of glycolytic and ionic mechanisms.

See also the following papers in which such models are electrically coupled:

M. G. Pedersen, R. Bertram, and A. Sherman. 2005. Intra- and Inter-Islet Synchronization of Metabolically Driven Insulin Secretion, Biophys. J., 89:107-119. [PubMed]

and coupled by diffusion of metabolites:

K. Tsaneva-Atanasova, C. L. Zimliki, R. Bertram, and A. Sherman, 2006. Diffusion of calcium and metabolites in pancreatic islets: Killing oscillat ions with a pitchfork, Biophys. J., 90:3434--3446. [PubMed]

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