This is a cartoon animation of a model for GT1 neurons presented in the manuscript: LeBeau AP, Van Goor F, Stojilkovic SS & Sherman A. Modeling of membrane excitability in GnRH-secreting hypothalamic neurons regulated by Ca mobilizing and adenylyl-cyclase coupled receptors. (Currently under review).

This animation is not meant to be a quantitative or qualitative reproduction of either GT1 neuron behavior or the model, but is designed to aid readers of the paper in understanding how the elements of the model (and cells) act to produce the responses modeled in the paper.

Pass the mouse pointer over elements in the model to get a brief description and then click "start" to proceed.

This animation was created with Macromedia Flash 4. You need the shockwave plugin (standard with latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer) to view the movie. If you don't see anything go here to get the free plugin.